Feedback to "baseless organ theft" article

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from various folks in response to my recent article about a Swedish journalist’s baseless organ theft accusations. Most of it has been in good taste, but certainly not all. I’m happy to see that people are discussing it at least. One email that stuck out sent from a friend in Chicago read:

Good article — and good defense of principles in the struggle for the interests of humanity. If we throw away principles to fight against those without principles we have already lost. It is neither necessary nor helpful.

And Per Bjorklund, a Swedish journalist based in Cairo, gives an interesting perspective about the original article and the implications that this story and Israel’s reaction will have in Sweden (excerpt):

The Swedish government, in turn, probably isn’t very concerned that this affair might hurt diplomatic relations between the two countries. Israel won’t suddenly expel the Swedish military attaché from Tel Aviv, for example (if they ever did it would be extremely ironic, since withdrawal of the military attaché and an end to all military cooperation between the two countries has long been a major demand of leftist and pro-Palestinian groups in Sweden) or cancel trade deals with the European Union.

A lot of people have also been sending me links to related articles as proof that Israel is guilty of harvesting Palestinian organs. But I’m still yet to see any firm evidence published to backup these claims. As I wrote in the article, “I am not trying to argue here that Israel or some Israelis could never have trafficked stolen Palestinian organs.” If people are certain that it did occur then I’m glad that they are investigating the matter further and I’m confident that the truth will emerge.

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  1. you are right, no evidence, no complaint:(, otherwise you call this a rumor. Remember, on that level of indignation, what happened with Ceaucescu, for instance.
    Anyway, most probably they stole organs, like they stole the rest and they’re not alone, this a global human organs traffic.
    The real worry concerns the medias ethic or lack of ethic and in that case, how much prejudice it can cause to the struggle for Palestine liberation, between others, the boycott.
    Those zionists like to be taken for the victims and they’ve played that card for the past 60 years. If one does not want to be cheated, one has got to learn how to cheat;)

  2. I don’t know much about the Swedish paper, but it’s been called a “Tabloid.” The story fully lives up to the standards of Taloid journalism — the sort of thing Rupert Murdoch might publish were he not a passionate Zionist. (Murdoch once auctioned himself off on eBay and donated the proceeds to a school in Israel — actually auctioned off a luncheon with him.)

  3. FYI, I removed a comment in response to this post for using the word “filthy” to describe people. That violates this blog’s “no hate speech” policy.

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