Gaza boy

This is a boy speaking on Al Jazeera Arabic. He looks about 6 or 7 years old and he speaks like an adult. He reminds me of the kids in Balata refugee camp in the West Bank where I used to live. I was shocked by kids this age who I met and spoke to. I would have serious conversations with them about a variety of issues. It was quite incredible, and quite disturbing how they are robbed of their childhood.

Here is my extremely rough and definitely not 100% accurate translation of much of what the boy says, I know it’s at least 90% accurate. If anyone would like to correct me please feel free.

I want to say, look at us, look at how we’re living here as if we’ve been tossed out. We don’t go play, we don’t laugh, we don’t study, we don’t watch children’s programs, we just turn on the TV and see [the violence] and the shooting and the war tanks.

We here dont have food, water, anything to drink, nothing here. We are tossed out like the beggars. Look at the people [on the other side] how they play and laugh [and live]. We under siege, it’s been about 2 years of siege on us, we dont eat we dont drink, they dont give us anything. They dont open the border crossing to allow in food and other things [for us].

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