Israelis boycott!

image: Keren Manor, <a href="">Activestills</a>
image: Keren Manor, Activestills

Israelis have now called for a boycott of the giant furniture/home products retailer IKEA and car manufacturer Volvo. This should really put pressure on Sweden to abandon its policy of free speech and condemn the irresponsible organ theft article. Except someone might want to inform the boycott’s organizers that IKEA is actually registered in Holland — it’s not a Swedish company. And Volvo is already on the Palestinians’ list of companies to boycott for its sale of equipment to the Israeli army for use in the demolition of Palestinian homes. If only an American journalist would accuse Israel of war crimes, then maybe Israelis would kick off a campaign against the companies that make Israel’s guns, bombs and aircraft.

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  1. Hilarious post, Matthew. And a very good opinion article on the organs story.

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